Table of Contents

List of Warnings, Cautions and Notes


Hot Rod Handbooks: Tuned Port Fuel Injection

About Fuel Injection

Mass air flow sensor variations

Vehicle Anti-theft System

Open/Closed Loop Operation



TPI Components

Sensors and Actuators

Injector Assemblies

Computer Command Control (CCC)

Electronic Control Module

ALDL Connector

Mass Air Flow Sensor

Oxygen Sensor

Fuel Injector Assembly

Cold Start Injector

Thermal Time Sensor

Throttle Body

Throttle Position Sensor

Idle Air Control

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Manifold Air Temperature Sensor

Electronic Spark Timing


Knock Sensor

Electronic Spark Control (ESC) Module

Electronic Spark Timing operation


Fuel Pump Relay

Mass Air Flow Power and Burn-off Relays

Peripheral Components

Fuel System

Fuel Pump

Fuel Regulator

Fuel Lines

Optional Systems

Air Injection System

EGR System

Park/Nuetral Safety Start Switch

Vehicle Speed Sensor

Check Engine/Service Engine Soon Indicator Light

Coolant Fan Control Relay

Coolant Fan

TPI Wiring Information


ECM Terminals

Terminal Listings

ECM Terminal Descriptions

System Ground

After Market Harness

Painless Wiring

Wiring Information

ALDL Connector Information


Battery Fuse 20A

ECM Fuse 10A

Gauges Fuse 10A

INJ-1 Fuse 10A

INJ-2 Fuse 10A

Fuel Pump Fuse 15A

Fan Relay 5A

Cold Start Fuse 3A

Fan Power Fuse 30A

Ground Connections

Additional Connections

Trouble Codes

Mode Settings

Trouble Code Listing

Engine Harness Routing

Firewall Routing

Part Numbers

Miscellaneous Information

Throttle Cable

Radiator Hoses

Heater Hoses

Oil Pressure Port

Drive Belts

Exhaust Manifolds

Fuel Pump


Harness Connections

Mounting Brackets

Ignition Timing

Anti-Theft Capabilities

TH-700-R4 Lockup Converter

Transmission TV (kick-down) cable

Wiring Information

TH-700 Without ECM

After-market Kits

Final Adjustments

Setting Initial Timing

Minimum Idle Speed Adjustment

Adjust TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)

Emission Controls

ECM Connector Identification

Wiring Diagrams