We suggest the installation of at least 6 new fuses in the wiring process. They are as follows:

Battery Fuse 20A

Connected in-line between the battery (+) terminal and ECM Terminals B-1 and C-16 (See B-1 and  C-16).

ECM Fuse 10A

Connected to ECM Terminal A-6 (See A-6)

Gauges Fuse 10A

Connected, as necessary, to all other circuit #39 powered components that require a +12V supply source, ie Check Engine/ Service Engine Soon light circuit, TCC Solenoid Circuit, CCP Solenoid circuit, AIR Solenoid circuit, EGR Solenoid circuit, ESC Module circuit, etc.

INJ-1 Fuse 10A

Connected to Circuit #639 to power injectors 1, 3, 5, and 7.

INJ-2 Fuse 10A

Connected to Circuit #839 to power injectors 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Fuel Pump Fuse 15A

Connected in-line in the fuel pump 12V volt supply wire (circuit #120) which runs from the fuel pump relay Terminal A (Design 1) or E (Design 2) to the fuel pump (+) terminal.

Fuses #2 through #5 should be fed from a switched +12V source that has power when the ignition switch is in the run and start positions. See A-6 for more information.

In addition, depending on the circuits you are using, you may want to add the following fuses.

Fan Relay 5A

Connected to fan relay Terminal C (Design 1) or D (Design 2) (circuit #250). This fuse can also be fed from the same power source as Fuses #2 through #5.

Cold Start Fuse 3A

Connected in-line in cold start circuit #806 (not required with 89 systems) .

Fan Power Fuse 30A

Connected in-line between the fan motor and fan relay terminal A (Design 1) or D (Design 2) (circuit #936)

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