After Market Harness

As already mentioned in Part 1 the factory wiring harness is preferable due to the cost factor and the fact that there are guarantees that the harness will be suitable for the particular year/model the TPI system came from. For many, however, the wiring harness will be a separate purchase, and an aftermarket unit may be prefeerable to hunting down a factory harness of indeterminate origin.

The one aftermarket harness we will deal with here is the Perfect Performance Products inc. model 60102 early version TPI system kit, which supports the MAF Sensor, Burnoff Circuitry, and ESC in addition to the other wiring common to similar systems. This harness from Painless Wiring comes with detailed, easy to understand installation instructions, is packaged as a complete wiring harness with the correct connectors already installed, is clearly labelled on the harness itself and, in general, is a breeze to fit. The only point we feel must be made here is the fact that the Check Engine Soon light is taken from the ALDL connector, and not from the ECM output. There is little or no difference which way you connect the CES light, but this manual will deal only with the connection to the ECM. Where necessary, this will be indicated.

Painless Wiring

Painless Wiring can be contacted for Technical Assistance on 1-817-560 8324. For ordering, inside continental U.S. ring 1-800-423 9696. Outside the continental U.S. ring 1-817-244 6898. On the Web:

In Australia, Painless Wiring are represented by American Auto Parts.

Wiring Information

Painless Wiring harnesses are exact replicas of the factory harnesses. The color coding is identical to the G.M. color code as are the connectors. All connecting plugs are factory G.M. and can be purchsed separately, if required. An aftermarket EPROM can also be supplied by Painless, again a direct replacement for the factory original.

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