TPI Wiring Information


In the preceding segment of this manual, we attempted to give you a broad overview of the Tuned Port Electronic Fuel Injection System with information on parts interchangeability and also tried to point out some of the important differences between various year and model systems. The rest of this manual is designed to give you, in conjunction with the previously provided information, the specifics needed to adapt the TPI system and all its components to vehicles other than those in which it was factory installed.

In the following pages we endeavour to assemble, in an organised manner, all the details of the various electrical connections, appropriate part numbers for replacement components and any other related information that will assist you in the adaptation process. All the information that follows, applies specifically to 86-89 TPI systems with a Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor (see Para 43. Page 14). Rather than just provide a few schematics, some installation notes and our fondest good luck wishes, our intention is to try to impart as much information as is practical, on the individual circuits and components involved, so as to allow you, through an increased familiarity with the TPI system, to determine the exact final configuration and hook-up that will work best for your individual application.

If you are using a complete factory wiring loom that has been removed intact from the donor vehicle, you should find most of the connections listed in the following pages already in place. This will substantially simplify the rewiring process, and require you to merely thin out the wiring loom by removing unnecessary or unwanted wires, and make the few connections necessary to join the TPI wiring loom with your vehicles existing wiring.

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