Miscellaneous Information

Throttle Cable

GM Part #10054223 is a throttle cable that will work in many non OEM installations where the stock Camaro/ Corvette throttle cables arent quite long enough. When using this cable, it may be necessary to enlarge the throttle cable mounting hole in the cowl to allow the plastic snap-in mounting clips to be installed. The throttle cable mounting hole in the cable mounting bracket on the left side of the TPI plenum unit must also be slightly enlarged to allow for the proper fit of this cables housing end.

GM Part #10159564 is a complete intake manifold gasket set which also contains all the necessary TPI gaskets.

Radiator Hoses

The upper radiator hose required for the TPI conversion must be 1 1/4" I.D. rather than the more commonly used 1 1/2" I.D. hose used on most older Chevrolet systems. We have successfully used the Camaro/Firebird TPI upper hose (G M #14076062 or Dayco #71203) on many of our installations. When using this hose the upper radiator inlet fitting must also be 1 1/4" diameter. The lower radiator hose in most applications can remain unchanged.

Heater Hoses

Because of the configuration of the TPI intake manifold and manner of accessory location (ie. alternator and AC compressor), there is no room for a heater return hose in the water pump area as would be the case on a carbureted engine. Therefore, the appropriate 5/8" heater hose fitting should be installed in the right side, or lower radiator tank. The heater hose fitting from the throttle body also uses a 5/8" hose which should be routed to the heater valve.

Oil Pressure Port

Again, because of the configuration of the TPI intake manifold, it is necessary to use an angled adaptor fitting to gain access to the 1/8" pipe threaded (oil pressure) port at the back of the block near the distributor. The G M Part number for this adaptor which is angled at 105 degrees is #14078987. There are two fittings which can be added to this connector which will allow the installation of two switches or sending units, as necessary - GM part #14047850 or part #14078988.

Drive Belts

If you are using a Corvette or 88 and up Camaro/Firebird TPI engine assembly in your project, BE AWARE that since these engines use a single serpentine drive belt, the water pump is designed to rotate in the opposite direction when compared with older style water pumps! Thus, if you remove the serpentine belt drive in favour of individual pulley and belt combinations, that are used on many older Chevrolet engines and many Street Rod accessory drive combinations it will be necessary to replace the water pump with an earlier style normal rotation unit!

Exhaust Manifolds

If you are utilising a late model ( 87 or later) Small Block Chevrolet that is equipped with rocker covers attached with four bolts down the centre of the cover, in conjunction with 1981 and earlier Corvette-style Rams-Horn exhaust manifolds, check for interference between the exhaust manifolds and the lower edge of the rocker cover. This interference can be eliminated by the removal of a small amount of metal from the exhaust manifold in the area where it contacts the rocker cover. This interference is most pronounced when using the Corvette style cast magnesium rocker covers.

Fuel Pump

If you are using a fuel pump other than a stock G M in-tank style pump, be sure to properly mount it utilising rubber insulators to avoid noise and vibration.

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