Engine Harness Routing

By ganging the appropriate +12V supply and common ground wires, and mounting the ECM, ALDL connector, ESC module, and the Fuel Pump, MAF Power and Burn-Off relays in a group, along with the required extra fuses beneath the passenger seat, under the dash, or in any similar, concealed, yet accessible location, it is possible to reduce, by nearly 50%, the number of wires which must be routed through the firewall to the engine compartment. The following information is provided to indicate which wires need to be routed through the firewall when the previously mentioned components are mounted, as a group, somewhere inside the passenger compartment.

In addition to simplifying the wiring process, relocating these components to the interior of the vehicle, effectively reduces the under-hood clutter, and removes these electrical items from the extremes of weather and temperature they would otherwise be exposed to in the engine bay environment. This is particularly critical in the case of Hot Rods such as Hi Boys, T-Buckets, A-Buckets, etc where the engine is exposed in typical Hot Rod fashion. Under no circumstances should the ECM, ALDL, Fuel Pump relay, or any of the TPI components be exposed to the elements in this fashion. Use your imagination!

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